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The Soil Food Web School Team is preparing with excitement for our Soil Regen Summit 2022: Farming for the Future, scheduled for March 15-18. But before we move on too quickly, we’d like to review the exceptional gathering of leaders in Regenerative Agriculture and Ecosystem Restoration that was the Soil Regen Summit 2021: Hope for the Future in support of Malawi-based charity, Tiyeni.

Soil Regen Summit 2021: Hope for the Future - Regenerative Agriculture, Ecosystem Restoration

Dr. Elaine Ingham, Colin Andrews and Tiyeni Leaders, Dr. Suzanne Simard, John D. Liu, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Peter McCoy, Didi Pershouse and other leaders in Regenerative Agriculture and Ecosystem Restoration are featured in the Soil Regen Summit 2021 replays.

Day 1: Healthy Humans, Healthy Planet

From enlisting soil microbes to harnessing biochar to engaging in the water cycle, there are many ways we can partner with natural systems to improve the health of the Earth and, therefore, human health. On day one, the speakers provided practical guidance on working thoughtfully and productively while healing the damage that we have done to our planet.

Day 2: Regenerative Agriculture Success Stories

From Africa to Asia to Europe to the Americas, farmers of diverse backgrounds benefit from applying regenerative agriculture practices. On the second day of the summit, the speakers shared inspiring stories of large- and small-scale triumphs in sustainable farming.

Day 3: The Importance of Having Fun-gi

Our fungal companions do more than we know—or maybe even imagine—to protect, enhance, and regenerate our ecological systems. Day three’s speakers encouraged us to appreciate more deeply the powerful importance of fungi, and showed us how we can mobilize it in our agricultural projects.

Day 4: Hope for the Future…Is There Any? 

If you had trouble choosing from the cornucopia of the previous days’ presentations, start here with a highlight reel curated by Dr. Adrienne Godschalx! And to end the summit with positivity, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Walter Jehne, John D. Liu, and Dr. Elaine Ingham shared stories of specific projects, places, and actions that fill them with optimism. 

We invite you to take time to explore these presentations, whether or not you joined us at the time of the original event. Our wish is that they provide you with information, inspiration, and HOPE for the future.

Soil Regen Summit 2021 Schedule and Speakers

Here’s a list of each of the speakers with links to external sites with information about their work. Visit the Soil Regen Summit 2021 website to view the video replays of all of the summit sessions. Access is free so please share this link with your friends!

Day 1 Sessions: Healthy Humans, Healthy Planet

  • Dr. Vandana Shiva, There Really is Hope for the Future
  • Dr. Elaine Ingham, How Soil Biology Works
  • Colin Andrews, Doubling Yields And Preventing Soil Erosion In Sub-Tropical Conditions
  • Ray Archuleta, Biomimicry: Emulating Nature’s Principles And Strategies For Improving Soil Function
  • Mark Shipperlee, Introduction To Biochar – A Soil Improver And Soil Lockdown
  • Zach Weiss, Restoring The Water Cycle To Regenerate Earth
  • Didi Pershouse, Soil Health As Public Health
  • Dan Kittredge, Optimising Nutrient Density
  • Live panel discussions:
    • Dr. Elaine Ingham and Didi Pershouse
    • Colin Andrews, Mark Shipperlee, Zach Weiss, and Walter Jehne
  • Breakout sessions:
    • Colin Andrews
    • Mark Shiperlee
    • Walter Jehne
    • Zach Weiss
    • Didi Pershouse
    • Dr. Elaine Ingham

Day 2: Regen Success Stories

  • Dr. Elaine Ingham, Healthy Soil vs Dirt
  • Small Scale Regen Success Stories:
    • Martin Crawford, Maximizing Soil Carbon Storage In Food Forests
    • Colin Andrews, A Soil-Ution For The African Continent
    • Graham Bell, Designing For Life With Permaculture
  • Large Scale Regen Success Stories:
    • Dr. David Johnson, Regenerating The Diversity Of Life In Soils- Hope For: Farming, Ranching, Environment And Climate!
    • Gabe Brown, Applying The 6 Principles Of Regenerative Ag
    • John D. Liu, Ecosystem Restoration Camps
    • Byron Shelton, Holistic Management: What If… And Possible Solutions!
    • Ray Archuleta, Biomimicry: Emulating Intelligent Design…Ask Nature?
  • Live panel discussions:
    • Small Scale Growing: Colin Andrews, Graham Bell, Martin Crawford, and Dr. Adrienne Godschalx
    • Large Scale Growing: Dr. David Johnson, John D. Liu, Byron Shelton, and Brian Vagg

Day 3: The Importance of Having Fun-gi

  • Dr. Elaine Ingham, Succession Above Ground And Below
  • Peter McCoy, Fungi As Change Agents: Soil Regeneration Through The Mycelial Lens
  • Dr. Suzanne Simard, Tapping Into The Parlance Of Plant-Fungal Networks
  • Steve Gabriel, Silvopasture For Climate Resilience
  • Ernst Gotsch, Successional Agroforestry

Day 4: Summit Highlights & Fireside Chat

  • Dr. Vandana Shiva, Walter Jehne, John D. Liu, and Dr. Elaine Ingham. Hosted by Dr. Adrienne Godschalx. Hope For The Future – Is There Any?
  • Dr. Adrienne Godschalx, Summit Highlights Reel

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