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Learn how Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web Approach has helped farmers, ranchers, landscapers, biologists, land managers, and compost professionals across the world.

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Over the past four decades Dr. Elaine’s™ Approach has helped numerous farmers to restore their soils. We are putting together a library of case-studies to give you an overview of the results that can be achieved.

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Learn from decades of real world trials. We bring on experts and consultants to help show you how to make better compost, compost tea, and use a microscope.

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Whether you’re interested in reversing extreme soil problems, increasing your yields, creating biologically rich compost, reaping record profits…all these topics and more are covered in the webinars.

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Case Study Library

The Whiting Farm

With the costs of chemicals and artificial fertilizers, new fees on unmanageable manure pits, growing vet bills, and fields not recovering, The Whiting’s Farm was on the brink of bankruptcy. They’d soon have to shut down unless they found a solution.

After being introduced to Dr. Elaine by a local composting company, the Whitings found a way to restore their land, their animals’ health and their financial stability in a short turnaround. Check out how in this case study.

More from Dr. Elaine in this video about The Whiting Farm’s turnaround.

Market Garden Makeover

In this case study, Soil Food Web Consultant Renald Flores, worked on a market garden near Stockholm, Sweden. They made biologically complete compost on-site, using organic matter from the local area, and the results were amazing: An average increase in yields of 72% across 8 different types of crop, in the first growing season! Check out how in this case study.

Renald came from a background in finance and is now dedicated to the cause. He is working on multiple soil regeneration projects in 3 European countries and is about to start a PhD. Way to go Renald!

Soil Food Web Videos

See how soil biology has transformed thousands of peoples lives by restoring their soil.

How Compost Saved a Dairy Farm from Bankruptcy

The Compost/Compost Tea Workshop with Dr. Elaine Ingham

Shane Plath: Umbhaba Estates

Todd Harrington: Governor’s Island


Level up your soil knowledge with Dr. Elaine Ingham


What’s Possible with the Soil Food Web

Learn what’s possible with Soil Food Web Approach from SFW professionals out there making the change happen.
January 5, 2020

Consultant Case Study

Renald Flores – Market Garden (Sweden)

In this Case Study, Renald reports an average yield increase of over 70% on 8 different crops.

January 7, 2021

Consultant Case Study

Todd Harrington – York Farms (USA)

In this Case Study, Todd shares his results and experiences working with a soy and corn rotation on 10,000 acres.
January 20, 2021

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