Help farmers to heal our planet and feel good about going to work, everyday.

Build a profitable, meaningful career as a Soil Food Web Consultant.

*You’ll need to complete the Foundation Courses before you can start the Consultant Training Program.

Putting the Theory Into Practice
and Making a Change in the World

Once you’ve completed the Foundation Courses, you can join the Consultant Training Program and gain all the practical skills and confidence you’ll need to start your new career as a Soil Food Web Consultant!

Support Farmers

Many farmers feel trapped by their dependence on chemicals, due to diminishing soil fertility. Help them to improve yields, control weeds & diseases, conserve water, and increase profits.

Heal Our Planet

Our soils are being destroyed. Insects and animals populations are being decimated. Climate Change is happening all around us! You can be a part of the soil-ution to all of these problems.

Make an Impact!

Soil Food Web Consultants are in high demand. You can enjoy a profitable career, making a significant difference for farmers and for our environment. Some Soil Food Web Consultants are able to charge around $150 per hour.

Learn How Becoming a Soil Food Web Consultant will Change your Life and the World.

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CTP – Stage One

The BioComplete™ Compost Practicum

In Stage 1 your mentor will guide you as you work towards mastering the art of making BioComplete™ compost using the techniques you have studied in the Foundation Courses. You will also develop your microscopy skills to the required standard to become a Certified Soil Food Web Lab-Tech

CTP – Stage Two

The BioComplete™ Liquids Practicum

In Stage 2 you will produce BioComplete™ extracts and teas using the techniques studied in the Foundation Courses. You may be required to purchase some equipment in order to complete these tasks, depending on the scale of your project. Please see the FAQs for more information. There are also a number of advanced classes to be taken in Stage 2.

CTP – Stage Three

The Final Project

In the final project you will be required to regenerate the soil on a small plot of land. You will begin by producing a site assessment and subsequently a biological plan. Once this has been approved, you will proceed by treating the soil with the BioComplete™ amendments which you made in Stages 1 & 2. You will then monitor the soil biology and other metrics, submitting samples to your mentor for verification at key stages. Upon successful completion of Stage 3, you will be awarded a completion certificate.

As a CTP student you can join the CTP Forum, which is accessible only to other CTP students and graduates. In the CTP Forum you will be able to ask questions about your projects and get support from other consultants and from Dr. Elaine Ingham. Members of the forum regularly organize group webinars where they discuss complex topics with Dr. Ingham. You’ll get access to all previously recorded webinars.

Our Consultants Are Part Of a Growing Global Movement

People around the world are working to reverse climate change and halt the ecological destruction that’s taking place. Some Soil Food Web Consultants are in high demand and we see this increasing rapidly as big business is looking for solutions to the existential threats that are now facing humanity. Soil carbon is recognized as a big part of the solution, and the price of carbon is set to rise, making this a viable industry.We understand that this is a big investment of time and money. Some Soil Food Web Consultants are able to charge around $150 per hour.

A Typical day in the Life of a Soil Food Web Consultant

Soil Analysis

Using the microscope to assess the condition of the Soil Food Web is an important part of the job. You will also be using other equipment to evaluate the overall condition of the soil.

Restoring the Soil Food Web

Providing BioComplete™ amendments, or helping farmers to produce and apply these on-sight.

Management Practices

Training farmers in the management practices required to maintain the biology once it has been established.

Feeling Good

Knowing that you are making a difference to the world is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences.

What Will It Cost ?

There are two payment options for the CTP: Full Access or the Payment Plan, which consists of 3 stages. Click on the button below for more information.

Stage One

BioComplete™ Compost Practicum – Make your inoculum


Stage Two

BioComplete™ Liquids Practicum – Convert from solid to liquid


Stage Three

The CPT Final Project – Regenerate your soil


Full Access

Commit to all three stages at once and save $300


Dr. Elaine’s™ Consultant Training Program

What's Included:

  • A 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee
  • One-to-one Microscopy Training with your mentor
  • Advanced Classes Exclusive to the CTP
  • Access to the exclusive CTP Forum, Webinars & Community
  • Mentoring from a member of Dr. Ingham’s Deep Knowledge Team—56 hours included, but more time is available if required (additional costs apply).
  • A certificate of completion
  • Access to employers who are actively recruiting!

Entry Requirements:

  • Students with an average score of at least 90% in the Foundation Courses automatically qualify for entry to the Consultant Training Program.
  • You do not need to have a background in farming or biology to become a Soil Food Web Consultant!
  • You will need to purchase several pieces of equipment in order to complete each stage. The precise budget will depend on the size of your final project. Your mentor will be able to advise you on equipment selection. The minimum requirements are likely to cost around $1,000-$1,200.

Be A Change Agent With A Fulfilling Career When You Become A Soil Food Web Consultant.


How long will it take to complete the program?

The amount of time required depends on your other commitments. Some students have completed the CTP in 1 year, but most take longer, with the average being about 2 years.

Do I need any qualifications to become a Soil Food Web Consultant?

The only requirement is completion of the Foundation Courses with a 90% average – this will ensure entry. If you score less than 90% then you may still be considered for entry, but entry is not guaranteed.

Will I need to buy any equipment to complete the program?

You will need to purchase several pieces of equipment in order to complete each stage. The precise budget will depend on the size of your final project. Your mentor will be able to advise you on equipment selection. The minimum requirements are likely to cost around $1,000.

How will I find work once I have been certified?

There are several possibilities: You may be offered employment by one of the organizations that is associated with Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web School, which are actively recruiting Consultants for deployment around the world; you may decide to offer your services to farmers in the area where you live, establishing your own business; the Soil Food Web School is often approached by farmers looking for a referral to a consultant etc.

Can I complete the practical training at the Soil Food Web School?

This is not currently possible, but we are working on establishing a research and training facility at which you may be able to complete your training with Dr. Ingham and her team.

Is the Certified Lab-Tech Program included in the Consultants Training Program?

Yes it is. CTP students are required to complete the CLP in Stage 1 of the CTP. Click here for more info.