The Certified Lab-Tech Program

Become a Certified Lab-Technician in just a few weeks

The Benefits Of The Certified Lab-Tech Program

Work from Home

You can complete all three steps within a few weeks and begin generating an income from home! Once you are proficient, you should be able to perform an assessment and write-up the report in under an hour. Some Certified Lab-Techs charge around $120-$150 per sample.

Stepping Stone

If you are planning to become a Soil Food Web Consultant this is a great way to start, because the farmers that you perform assessments for may become future clients for your consultancy business! This can also allow you to generate an income that could be used to fund your CTP.

Great Exposure

As a Certified Soil Food Web Lab-Tech, you will be featured on our website where farmers, growers and compost producers can find you. One of the first things that farmers do when they find out about the Soil Food Web Approach, is have their soil tested. This is a great way to initiate conversations.

Brian used to work in IT.

He pivoted to his passion.

He’s now running his own successful business as a Soil Food Web Consultant and testing soil samples out of his home.

The Certified Lab-Tech Program Contents:


You must complete the Foundation Courses first, with a 90% average.

One-on-One Microscopy Training

You will work with one of our expert mentors to perfect your skills in the use of the microscope. Your mentor will spend a total of 8 hours working with you intensively to sharpen your skills and you will need to practice hard in between sessions in order to reach the required standard.

Microscopy Assessment

Once your training is complete, you will need to prepare for the assessment. If you have met the required standards, you will be awarded Certified Soil Food Web Lab-Tech status and you will be featured on our website. Of course, you will be required to re-test periodically in order to ensure that your technique is consistent.

Here's what's included in the Certified Lab-Tech Program

Microscopy Training

Up to 8 hours of virtual contact time with your Microscopy Mentor.

How to Launch Your Lab Guidebook

Discover practical ways to find new clients and offer your soil assessment services.

Certification Assessment

Pass the test within 2 attempts to become a Certified Soil Food Web Lab-Tech.

Referral Network

You’ll get a free Certified Lab-Tech listing on the Soil Food Web School website.

Certified Lab-Tech Program FAQs

What kind of equipment will I need to buy in order to take the CLP and run a lab? How much will it cost?

You will need to buy a suitable microscope and microscope camera, as well as some ancillary equipment such as test-tubes and slides etc.. Please take a look at this pdf for more information. You can buy a perfectly adequate microscope and camera for $500-$600 (please see the recommendation in the pdf)

How much money can I expect to earn?

That depends on you and how much effort you put into attracting new clients. You will need to identify and approach local farmers, growers and compost producers. We will provide you with information on how to do that and some tips from other Certified Lab-Tech’s that have been successful.

How much time do I get to complete the CLP?

You’ll get 8 hours of mentoring time and you can spread that out over a period of 3 months. You’ll need to complete the Foundation Courses (FC) first, but that can be done in just 4 weeks, working full-time. We advise students that they need between 120-150 hours to complete the FC, so 4 weeks is plenty of time if you are focused. You’ll have 12 months to complete the FC.

What if I fail the assessment?

You’ll get 2 attempts at taking the assessment. If you fail both times, then you will need to book some additional time with your mentor in order to work on whatever is going wrong. Once you have ironed-out the problems, you’ll be able to retake the assessment.

Where will I be featured on the website?

Your information including name, address (optional), email and phone number will be featured on this page.

Can I charge whatever price I want for assessments?

The short answer is yes. Some Certified Soil Food Web Lab-Techs tell us they charge between $120 and $150 per sample, but there are no restrictions. Remember it will take you about an hour to complete the assessment and the report.

Will you recommend me to farmers?

We do receive inquiries from farmers, growers and compost producers who want to have an analysis performed. Some just go straight to the website and find a lab-tech by themselves. We make recommendations based on proximity, so if someone in your region contacts us, we’d recommend them to you.

How can I find or attract new clients?

We will provide you with information on how to do that and some tips from other Certified Lab-Techs that have been successful.

What if I have never used a microscope before?

That’s not a problem. This program is designed for beginners.

Will I need to recertify?

Yes. All Certified Lab-Techs are required to recertify after 6 months and then every 12 months after that. The cost of recertification is $150.

Is the Certified Lab-Tech Program included in the Consultants Training Program?

Yes it is. CTP students are required to complete the CLP in Stage 1 of the CTP. Click Here for more info.