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Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web Approach
is the Essence of Soil Regeneration.

This 3-step approach can be used to restore soil biology within a few months in most cases.

IDENTIFY which groups of microorganisms are lacking in the soil

BOOST their numbers using Biocomplete™ Compost and Liquids

ADOPT natural farming techniques to ensure biology survives

Here’s what our students are saying

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Helping Farmers to Find a Better Way …

Diminishing Soil Fertility

The UN acknowledges intensive agriculture has led to a decline in soil fertility & productivity. The excessive use of fertilizers & erosion from wind & rain, have degraded soils, reducing yields & threatening food security—with only 60 years of topsoil left.

The Soil-ution

With a restored soil food web in place, plants can control the nutrient cycling happening in their root zones, accessing the minerals that are stored in organic matter and in the parent material. Plants get a constant flow of nutrients that they control.

Watch the animation on nutrient cycling for more info.

Diseases, Pests & Weeds

Farmers are constantly having to battle against increasing pressure from pests, diseases and weeds. These reduce yields and increase costs.

Problem Solved

The soil food web provides protection against pests and diseases and also inhibits the growth of weeds.

For more information watch the animations on suppressing pests and diseases, as well as weed suppression.

Declining Profits

Farmers are spending more and more time and money on the application of fertilizers and chemicals, whilst productivity is diminishing.

How We Can Help

When the soil food web is restored, farmers no longer need to apply chemicals as ecosystem functions are restored. Reduced irrigation and plowing requirements also result in cost savings.

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Our farm was in serious trouble, but after implementing the SFW approach we increased our yield by 150% in a single season, and we were very successful to repeat this approach on different soils at different farms achieving excellent results. We also cut many input costs such as fertilizers by at least 60%. We continue to monitor and move our soils to a much better place, production continues to increase while many other benefits become apparent such as, reduced disease, improved crop resistance to cold and/or heat, improved drainage, reduced soil salts, as well as improved water holding capacity and at the same time achieving improved taste as well as better shelf life.

Shane Plath, Passionate Horticulturalist.

Shane and his family run the largest organic banana farm
in South Africa, employing over 2,000 people.

The Soil Food Web is an Essential Component
of a Healthy Ecosystem.

Bird & Insect Populations

Bird and insect populations are being decimated (by 25% per decade) around the world. One of the main causes, according to the UN, is intensive agriculture and specifically pesticides.

With the soil food web in place and the use of natural farming practices, pesticides are not required. The soil food web naturally supports plant health and protects plants from attack.

Watch the animation on Pests & Diseases for more info.

Climate Change

Green House Gas Emissions are rising year-on-year despite the efforts being made by many nations. Climate Change poses an existential threat to humanity.

Plants absorb carbon from the atmosphere during photosynthesis and they invest some of this into the soil (~40%), to feed microorganisms. It’s estimated that by regenerating the world’s soils we could halt and even reverse climate change within 15-20 years!

Watch the animation on Soil Carbon Sequestration.

Soil Erosion

The use of chemicals and intensive plowing destroys soil structure, leaving it vulnerable to erosion by wind and water. The FAO of the United Nations estimates that we only have 60 years of topsoil left.

The soil food web microorganisms build soil structure that prevents erosion by wind and rain. Compaction layers are broken-up, allowing water and plant roots to penetrate deeper, fostering healthier growth and increased productivity.

Watch the animation on the formation of soil to learn more.

Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web Approach is an effective and viable means of rapidly regenerating agricultural soils, enabling farmers to operate without the use of chemical inputs, thus protecting the world’s waterways, insect and animal populations. Restoring the Soil Food Web to agricultural soils restores productivity and profitability to agriculture and results in substantial levels of carbon sequestration, and has the potential, if implemented on a global scale, to return atmospheric carbon to the safe level as identified by the IPCC.

Dr. David Johnson

Research Scientist and Molecular Biologist,
New Mexico State University

Dr. Elaine’s™
Soil Food Web Approach

After discovering the Soil Food Web Approach (Nature’s Soil Operating System) nearly four decades ago and pioneering research in the field, Dr. Elaine Ingham is recognized as the foremost soil biologist in the world.

The complete Soil Food Web can be found in virgin soils around the world.

Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web Approach is the key to rapid and effective soil regeneration. Only with the complete soil food web in place, can the ecological functions of the soil be restored, protecting and purifying the world’s waterways, reversing Climate Change and providing super-nutritious foods. Using BioComplete™ Soil Amendments, most soils can be regenerated in the first growing season.

What Students Are Saying

I'm learning so much that I never knew before, after receiving a degree in Horticulture. She explains everything so well and precise! I'm so excited to start this journey with the Soil Food Web School!

Kyle BabcockSoil Food Web Student

I intend on this becoming my career and I am loving every minute! Worth every penny! She does a really good job breaking down complex systems in a way that is easy to understand.

Jennifer RalstonSoil Food Web Student

It was one of the greatest classes I have ever taken and I’m very excited at the possibility of being able to take the Consultant Training Program.

Adam QueenSoil Food Web Student

I would like to thank Dr. Elaine for her dedication to making our soils healthy and the excellent presentations she made during her lectures. She was very thorough and clear. I enjoyed it immensely!

Lynn ThurstonBlue Sky Produce

I'd been somewhat floundering in and out of the scientific world for a lot of my adult life, not finding much to feel inspired about, and I feel like that's shifted with finding the Soil Food Web School.

Joshua StoneSoil Food Web Student

There's nobody like her in the world! I don’t want to listen to anybody else because nobody else knows what she knows!

John GehlSoil Food Web Student

Great information, it has given me a new outlook for the future of farming.

Vernon HafsoSoil Food Web Student

I’ve taken many different adult education courses and professional certifications throughout my career and I do appreciate this format. I find it to be very adaptable to people’s different situations and learning styles. Obviously the content is invaluable.

Eamon GradySoil Food Web Student

I am overwhelmed by the depth and thoroughness of these courses…I am still amazed at the amount of content. Absolutely love it… The classes are absolutely fabulous.

Rob MosierSoil Food Web Student

I have greatly appreciated this course. It has filled in gaps in my knowledge on how to heal depleted soil.

April DivineSoil Food Web Student

Proof it’s Working on Six Continents

Using Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web Approach can produce some impressive results.
Here is what some farmers have reported:

up to 150%

Increase in Crop Production
To learn about the process, watch this
nutrient cycling animation.

up to 100%

Reduced Chemical Inputs
See how pests and diseases can be inhibited by the Soil Food Web.

up to 50%

Reduction in Irrigation Needs
This animation on soil structure explains how this is possible.

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Be a part of an international community of change agents who are making an impactful difference in the effort to rescue our planet.

We train people who help farmers to transition away from using chemicals, to using biology. This results in significant benefits to the farmer and to the environment, as well as to the consumer.

Start with the Foundation Courses

In this series of four self-paced, online courses, you’ll learn the theory and application methodology behind Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web Approach. This is a comprehensive program comprising over 60 lectures.

Become A Soil Food Web Consultant

After passing Dr. Elaine’s™ Foundation Courses, you can join the Consultant Training Program in which you will deepen your knowledge and develop the practical skills required to help farmers to transition to Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web Approach. You will be guided through the step-by-step implementation process by one of our highly qualified and experienced mentors. Once you have successfully demonstrated your skills, you’ll be able to join our community of soil consultants operating around the world, who are in high demand.

Make Real, Quantifiable Change

As you learn with Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web School, you’ll be joining a passionate group of change agents and farmers who are making a significant, positive impact on the environment, whilst embracing a deeper sense of meaning in their own lives. The results are quantifiable and significant!