Scientific Literature Supporting the SFI Approach

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

1. Ames, R.N., E.R. Ingham and C.P.P. Reid. (1982). Ultraviolet-induced auto fluorescence of arbuscular mycorrhizal root infections: An alternative to clearing and staining methods for assessing infections. Can. Jr. Microbiol. 28:351-355.

  1. Ingham, E.R. and D.A. Klein. (1982). Relationship between fluoresces in diacetate-stained hyphae and oxygen utilization, glucose utilization and biomass of submerged fungal batch cultures. Appl. Environ.Microbiol. 28:351-355.
  2. McClellan, J.F., D.C. Coleman, K.A. Horton and E.R. Ingham. (1982). The effect of chloroform on protozoa and other soil inhabitants. J. Protozool. 29:491.
  3. Ingham, E.R. and D.A. Klein. (1984). Soil fungi: Relationships between hyphal activity and staining with fluoresce in diacetate. Soil Biol. Biochem. 16:273-278.
  4. Ingham, E.R. and D.A. Klein. (1984). Soil fungi: Measurement of hyphal length. Soil Biol. Biochem. 16:279-280.
  5. Ames, R.N., C.P.P. Reid and E.R. Ingham. (1984). Rhizosphere bacterial...
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