Labs, Consultants and Commercial Compost

We can help you find a lab or a professionally trained SFI advisor in your area.  Work with us to transform your soil, improve your yields, earn more, spend less, and repair the environment.

Soil Biology Laboratories

The Soil Biology Laboratories offer rapid soil biology testing and results. Labs allow you to quickly determine the state of your land's health and create a new trajectory for improvements.

Site Consultations

Soil Foodweb Consultants can offer you specialized BioCompleteCompost plans for your unique land base. Whether you're operating in an urban center or on 20,000+ acres our consultants can help you create optimal soil biology.

Certified Consultants

Each Consultant has graduated the Soil Foodweb Advisor program and demonstrated outstanding results with client projects.  You can find one in your area below.

Soil Foodweb Consultants

Soil Foodweb Consultants work all over the world, on nearly every continent.  If you want a professional consultation for your own land or project, you can reach out to our consultants any time.

North America

SFI Consultants who work in the continental U.S. and North America.

Todd Harrington

Harrington Organics, Connecticut, U.S.

Todd Harrington was one of the original students of Elaine Ingham and has run Harrington Organics for more than 30 years.  His company provides clients with lush green healthy landscapes without relying on harsh chemical pesticides and or inorganic salt based fertilizers.  Along with consultations, Harrington Organics also offers Soil Biology Laboratory Testing.

Vivian Kaloxilos

Docterre, Quebec, Canada.

DocTerre was founded in 2015 by Vivian Kaloxilos, graduate of McGill University School of Environment with ecological field experience at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. She was the first Canadian to complete the full certification training with Dr. Ingham in 2015, after several years of practical demonstrations, ecological field work, agro-ecological design, and agricultural experience.

Nick Tomasini- Humankind Oregon

Independent Organic Inspector, SFI Consultant, Oregon, U.S.

Nick Tomasini is a skilled graduate of the SFI Advisor's program, as well as an experienced Organic Inspector.  He operates in Oregon, the Continental U.S. and internationally.

[email protected]


Thomas Schneider

Dynamic Wholescapes, British Columbia, Canada.


Thomas Schneider has spent nearly his whole life working in Regenerative Agriculture and Landscape Design.   

After training with Dr. Ingham, In 2015 Thomas started DynamicWholeScapes, a company which focuses on regenerative agriculture education, consultations, and projects.

Sara and Scott Skamnes

Crescive Soil Services, California, U.S.

Scott and Sara have an extensive background, both in healthcare and agriculture.  After graduating the Soil Foodweb Advisors program, they went on to establish their own business, Crescive Soil Services, which helps agricultural industries repair their soil food web.

Kevin Fretz,

Green Earthology, California, U.S.

Kevin Fretz is a lifelong ecological entrepreneur. In 2016 Kevin Fretz founded Green Earthology after more than 30 years working with recycling, soil restoration, and landscaping companies worldwide.  Kevin's company uses Dr. Elaine's Soil Foodweb principles on their projects across the U.S.

Brian Vagg

Sprouting Soil, Auburn, California U.S.

Brian has been an experienced homesteader most of his life, while holding a normal job at the same time. Brian went through the Soil Foodweb Advisors program and had phenomenal results on his homestead garden.  He is currently an SFI mentor helping others with their training.

Jo Tobias

Root Shoot Soils, Vancouver B.C Canada

RootShoot is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and founded by Jo Tobias, a Regenerative Soils Consultant and certification-in-progress student of Dr. Elaine Ingham.   As a business, RootShoot operates under the principle that biological diversity and living soils need to be wholly integrated in order to support healthy plants and people.  As an entrepreneur, Jo strives to develop RootShoot into an organization that plays an integral role in her community by offering education on the benefits of soil health.  Jo is currently offering consultation, soil food web analysis and beneficial organisms to help regenerate soil health.


SFI Consultants who work outside North America.

 Cooper Scarborough and Miles Sorrell, 

Terraforma, U.S, South America

Cooper and Miles are Soil Foodweb Advisers who operate in the U.S., South America, and across the world.  Their company, Terraforma LLC provides customized biological solutions that  reinstate productive microorganism ecosystems back into the soil.

Shane Plath,

Umbhaba Estates, South Africa

Shane is a passionate horticulturalist with 20 years’ experience in Organic farming and together with the family runs the largest organic banana farm in South Africa, at over 1800 hectares which employs over 2000 workers!
In 2015, the family farm was losing productivity due to high costs, heat stress, insect pressure, diseases and decreasing yields. The farm in spite of being certified organic ”EU” for over 19 years was under strain, but thanks to Dr Elaine's work and online courses, Shane was able to redirect the farms growing methods.

Shane quickly worked his way through the online classes and quickly implemented a sustainable biological plan. This meant producing and using large quantities of biologically active BioComplete Compost and BioComplete™ Compost Tea.
Over a single season, Shane dramatically increased yields and reduced impute costs. He is currently assisting others in the Soil Foodweb Advisers program as well as African based growers.

Renald Flores,

Flores Sens System, Europe

Flor.ès.Sens System (And CEO Renald Flores) has been around the world the past 5 years onward hunting for best practices in Soil Microbiology, Regenerative Agriculture, Regenerative Grazing (Savory Institute), Agro-ecology & Permaculture Design, Self Sufficiency, Soil Regenerations Conversions and Human Community Holistic Decision Making.

They gathered all that, mixed it, shook it up and are now serving their expertise & solutions for:

  • Soils Ecosystem Regeneration
  • Soil Microbiological Analysis
  • Quality BioComplete Compost making (Skill transfer & multi scale operational set up)
  • Design of Regenerative Agriculture Systems (grazing, crops, cover crops, no till)
  • Design, Execution & Management for Transition projects toward 100% Organic & Soil Regeneration Programs.

The Credible Food Project (UK) Charity - Labs, Consultants and Commercial Compost 

If you want unbiased advice on how to regenerate your soil, grow healthier crops, connect with UK Soil Food Web laboratories and strategists, or just want to start regenerating your own soil to reduce inputs and grow healthier crops, we are here to help.

For schools - we help develop Life Labs - where children are introduced to zero waste systems and nature's recyclers (worms) alongside other natural soil systems.

For undergraduates - we support research into conservation / probiotic agriculture.

For farmers - we connect farmers with UK SFW regeneration consultants and SFW Labs.

For businesses - we advise how best to give 1% of your profits back to planet as part of your CSR.

For policy makers - we support soil regeneration programs to protect local soil ecosystem services.

For all other soil-related business, we are happy to help with a multitude of solutions.

Email us - [email protected] 

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SFI Laboratories

SFI Labs are independently owned and operated all around the world.  SFI Laboratories allow you to quickly get your soil biology assessed so you can get on with making biological treatments to restore your soil.

North America- Certified Labs

Certified SFI Labs in the continental U.S. and North America.

Harrington’s Organic Landcare Services

70 Highland Park Drive
Bloomfield, CT 06002
Office Phone: 860-243-8733 x 11
Fax: 860-882-0271
Email: Email Us
Our laboratory opened in 2007 to serve as both a research and soil testing facility. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to research and evaluate the efficacy of new products, provide in-house quality control, and learn more about how microbes affect soil fertility and plant health. Our lab performs soil chemistry and soil biology testing. this proactive approach helps us to understand just what your soil requires, both chemical and biological, allowing us to custom design a program based on your regional soil type(s). Types of testing include: Basic Plus test, Complete Chemistry Test, Qualitative Microbe Package, Basic Dr Elaine’s Soil Foodweb Approach Test, Complete Dr Elaine’s Soil Foodweb Approach Test, and Complete Dr Elaine’s Soil Foodweb Approach  + Mycorrhizae Test. Interpretations of test data can be included or excluded. If you want organic product recommendations based on a biological soil test, a phone consultation will need to be scheduled with one of our staff members.

Crescive Soil Services

Sara Skamnes
California, U.S.
Soil Analysis and Consulting Services
Phone: 951-756-9968
Website: Visit Website

Docterre Laboratory Services

DocTerre – Régénération Sols Vivants // Soil Life Regeneration
Vivian Kaloxilos
Quebec, Canada
Email: Email Vivian
Website: DocTerre
Phone: (514) 781-8152

RootShoot Testing Services

Jo Tobias, Director
Regenerative Soils Consultant
British Columbia, Canada
Phone: (604) 340-9280
Services Offered: Testing for qualitative assesssments of beneficial organisms (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes) in soil, compost, compost tea and extract. Mycorrhizal testing on roots and leaf tissue. Educator and Consultant to improve soil health and increase plant resilency. Living compost manufacturer
Testing: SFI suite of tests; fungal identification; pathogen identification; soil microbiology; water testing for human pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella, coliforms, etc; compost and compost tea analysis; workshops on making thermal aerobic compost/compost tea; farm management by biological methods; and many more. Ask and we will advise.

Foothill Biological Soil Health Services

Wesley Sander, owner/operator
111 Bank St. #188
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(530) 648-0694
Email: Email Wes

Europe- Certified Labs

Certified SFI Labs on the European continent.


RegenSoil Biological Laboratory

Channel Islands and UK

Jocelyn Mitchell - Soil Food Web Analysis

Glyn Mitchell - Soil Regeneration Strategist

Office Phone +44 (0) 7797 844116

Email: Email us - link [email protected]


Soil regeneration strategies offering service in:-  Measuring soil biodiversity, assisting with soil management plans to increase plant and animal health. We specialise in helping conventional and organic farms increase profits and reducing costs by fine tuning the soil food web successions to match plant successions, using closed loop systems such as Composting and other conservation / pro-life practices.


“When you came over to visit, James went into some detail about the work that was being carried out on our soil and trees by treating them with a special “Compost tea” to promote better soil and tree health. Recently, Glyn Mitchell came along to check soil and tree samples to analyse progress, just one year on. The results were astonishing and coupled with a record harvest we have good reason to suspect that we are definitely on the right track and will continue with our project, without the need for harmful chemicals or jeopardising our Organic status”.

Rocquette Cider Guernsey.


T.I. Soil Ecology Laboratory

Farnborough, Hampshire, UK

Daniel Tyrkiel – Senior Consultant

Phone: (+44) 79 2626 8349

Email: Email Us

Website: Jump to site

Testing: Compost and soil testing for the presence and quantity of soil food web elements. Reports include guidance for interpreting of the result and initial advice on steps needed for improvement. We accept samples from all of the UK providing they are sent on a next day delivery. Please email or phone to set a date for testing to ensure a prompt service. Our vision is to fully replace chemical agriculture with the biological approach developed by soil food web scientists, with methods pioneered by Dr. Ingham.


Australia- Certified Labs

Certified SFI Labs in Australia/Oceania.

Agpath P/L

105 Gunn Road
Garfield, Victoria 3814 Australia
Phone: +61 (0)3 5629 1253
Mobile: +61 (0) 413013247
Email: Email Us
Website: Visit Us

Certified Compost/Equipment

Coming Soon

Finding quality commercial compost is hard, however we have compiled a list of commercial composters that have been certified by Dr. Ingham.  These commercial composters have biologically active compost that is verified each year.


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