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Enrollment Date: May 30, 2024 Start Date: May 30, 2024




What’s Included: 

With the SpringBoard+ Offer you are registering for the  Foundation Courses (FC) at the price of $3,000 (regular price $5,000), the Introduction to Permaculture for free (regular price $200), and the Soil Sponge Regeneration Workshop for free (regular price $300).


Foundation Courses (FC):

  • Series of 4 self-paced, online courses covering the theory and application methodology behind the Soil Food Web Approach. This comprises 63 lectures totalling more than 40 hours of lectures. 
  • Includes access to the FC Forum where students can interact with each other, Dr. Ingham and the Faculty. Access to the FC Forum is for 12 months from when a student begins the FC. After 12 months, FC Forum access is changed to read only and will remain in place for as long as we maintain the Forum. 
  • Printable/downloadable materials: Lecture slides, course manual, glossary.


How Much Time You’ll Need to Commit:

Students typically require about 150 hours in order to complete the FC at a reasonable pace.

We expect that a student can complete the FC in 4 weeks, if studying full-time. The maximum time allowed to complete the FC is 12 months.

Introduction To Permaculture (IPC):

  • Series of 18 self-paced, online lectures covering the theory and principles of the Permaculture design system. 
  • Printable/downloadable materials: Lecture slides, course manual, glossary.

Students typically require about 40 hours in order to complete the IPC at a reasonable pace.

We expect that a student can complete the IPC in 1 week, if studying full-time. You will have access to the IPC content for as long as we maintain the program. 

Soil Sponge Workshop (SSW):

  • Series of 5 online/virtual, participatory workshop sessions covering: what the Soil Sponge is, how it can be restored and what the benefits are to various stakeholders.  
  • You’ll receive printable/downloadable materials with this workshop.

Each session of the workshop will last approximately 2.5 hours and will be scheduled either once per week, over five weeks, or once per day, over a 5-10 day period. 

Note: The actual schedule of your workshop may vary from this. You have access to the schedule at the time of registration.



Cost and Payment Terms: SpringBoard+ Bundle (Payment Plan) 

SpringBoard+ Bundle (Payment Plan) 

A series of 5 payments of $600 each.

(Foundation Course regular price $5,000 less $2,100 discount)


Foundation Courses 1-4 (regular price $5,000) for $3,000

The Introduction to Permaculture Course (regular price $200) for no additional charge

The Soil Sponge  Workshop (regular price $300) for no additional charge.


$3,000 USD



Cancellation: You may cancel enrollment by giving written notice to Soil Food Web School. Unless the school has discontinued the program, you are financially obligated to the school. Our refund policy is as follows:




For the FC ONLY: If you have watched less than half the lectures (i.e. less than 32 lectures)  and you are within 30 days of registration, you are entitled to: 

A full refund.

For the FC ONLY: After completing half or more or of the lectures or after 30 days from the date of registration, whichever comes first.

No refund is available.


For the Introduction to Permaculture

No refund is applicable as the Introduction to Permaculture is offered for FREE with the SpringBoard+ Offer

For the Soil Sponge Workshop

No refund is applicable as the Soil Sponge Workshop is offered for FREE with the SpringBoard+ Offer.

The School reserves the right to terminate a student’s participation for unsatisfactory progress, nonpayment of tuition, or failure to abide by established standards as defined in the School’s Code of Conduct. Although the school may provide placement assistance, the school does not guarantee job placement to graduates upon program completion or upon graduation.

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Signed by Dr. Elaine Ingham
Signed On: May 7, 2023

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