Soil Foodweb Foundation Course 2



Having completed FC1: Introduction to the soil food web, you should now have an understanding of the basics of Soil Food Web science, and, more importantly, you should have an appreciation of the inspiring successes that have been accomplished in real world applications of this knowledge. We hope that both this knowledge and your appreciation of the substantial benefits for growers will motivate your continued endeavors through the next section of the Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web Foundation Course.

Throughout the lectures in FC1 you heard Dr. Elaine Ingham refer to “BioComplete™ Compost”. In FC2 you will learn all about how to produce this material.

We wish you all the best as you continue on with FC2!

Dr Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web Team


  • Course Lectures

    • Outline and Objectives
      • Outline and Objectives
    • BioComplete™ Compost Lectures & Demonstrations
      • Lecture 1: The History of Compost
      • Lecture 2: What Defines BioComplete™ Compost
      • Lecture 3: Thermophilic Composting (Part 1)
      • Lecture 4: Thermophilic Composting (Part 2)
      • Lecture 5: Thermophilic Composting (Part 3)
      • Lecture 6: BioComplete™ Vermicompost
      • Lecture 7: Static Compost
      • Lecture 8: Making BioComplete™ Compost (Part 1)
      • Lecture 9: Making BioComplete™ Compost (Part 2)
      • Lecture 10: Assessing the Quality of BioComplete™ Compost