Launch Your Lab: Full Access


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The Launch Your Lab Offer is designed to help you start generating an income as you work your way through the Soil Food Web Training Program (Foundation Courses + Consultant Training Program). You’ll be able to achieve Certified Lab-Tech status within 6 weeks from registration if you put the work in. You don’t have to go that fast if you don’t want to! Once you have completed the Foundation Courses (possible in 4 weeks) you’ll be able to join the Certified Lab-Tech Program (CLP) right away. This will enable you to start earning some money before you start the Consultant Training Program (CTP). You can take up to 12 months to complete the Foundation Courses and up to 3 months to complete the Certified Lab Program.

What’s Included in the Launch Your Lab offer:

  • The Foundation Courses: 63 lectures covering the science and theory behind the Soil Food Web Approach (usually priced at $5,000) you pay $3,600.
  • The Certified Lab-Tech Program: 8 hours of Microscopy Training (one-on-one), plus Microscopy Assessment (usually priced at $1,000) you get this for FREE!
  • The Launch Your Lab Guidebook on how to approach new clients and start building your business.

Save $2,400 Today with Coupon Code LASTCHANCE2021

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