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Enrollment Date: July 18, 2024 Start Date: July 18, 2024


Consultant Training Program (CTP)

Prerequisite for Entry:

You must successfully complete the FC with an overall average of 90% or more.

You have 12 months to join the CTP, from the date you complete the FC.

What’s Included:

  • All three stages of the CTP: 
    • Stage 1: The BioCompleteTM Compost Practicum
    • Stage 2: The BioCompleteTM Liquid Practicum
    • Stage 3: The Final Project
  • 56 hours of mentor time, spread over the duration of your CTP.
    Note: this will include all time spent by your mentor on: reviewing your reports and any questions submitted; correspondence by email, telephone, virtual meeting, etc.

  • CTP Advanced Classes - a series of lectures designed to help you to deepen your knowledge and understanding on how to implement the Soil Food Web Approach, and how to establish a business as a Soil Food Web Consultant. 

  • Access to the CTP Forum where the student can interact with Dr. Ingham, the faculty, and school alumni, for as long as we maintain the Forum.

  •  Certified Lab-Tech Program:
    • 8 hours of One-on-One Microscopy Training. Note: this is included in the 56 hours of mentor time listed above.
    • Microscopy Proficiency Assessment (MPA)
    • How to Launch Your Lab Guidebook, available upon successful completion of the MPA.
  • You must complete the CLP within the first 39 months of joining the CTP - failure to do so may result in your enrollment being terminated. You will not be able to graduate as a Certified Soil Food Web Consultant unless you have successfully completed the CLP (including the MPA). 

  • If you successfully complete the CLP and pass the MPA, you will be listed on the website as a Certified Soil Food Web Lab-Technician. In order to retain your certification, you will be required to retake the MPA 6 months after your first certification, and then every 12 months after that. If you fail to recertify, you will be removed from the website. Recertification currently costs $150 each time.

  • On successful completion of the CTP, you will be listed on the website as a Certified Soil Food Web Consultant. In order to maintain your status as a Certified Soil Food Web Consultant you will need to: 
    • Maintain Certified Soil Food Web Lab-Tech status, and 
    • Complete one unit of Continued Professional Development (CPD) with Soil Food Web School annually. 


How Much Time You’ll Need to Commit:

CTP Stage 1 - The BioCompleteTM Compost Practicum

Students typically need to make at least 6 compost piles before they can achieve the required standards for passing the compost practicum. If you have the resources, you can make multiple piles, with varying recipes, simultaneously, to save time. Each pile will require up to 28 days to complete, once built. A reasonable time-frame for the compost practicum is 3-12 months. Some students may take longer. 


CTP Stage 2 - The BioCompleteTM Liquid Practicum

Students can expect to complete stage 2 within 3 months, or less if they are well prepared and focused. 


CTP Stage 3 - The Final Project

The duration of the Final Project should be around one growing season +/-1 month. You should allow some time prior to the growing season for preparation; several hours per month during the growing season for data collection; and several days of work at the end of the growing season for data analysis and the write-up of your project. 



Students typically require about 40 hours in order to complete the CLP at a reasonable pace.

We expect that a student can complete the CLP in 1 month or less. The maximum time allowed to complete the CLP and the MPA is 90 days. 


Note: CTP students who have not previously completed the CLP are expected to complete the CLP while simultaneously working on Stage 1 of the CTP. 

Note: Students are expected to complete the CTP within 2 years. The maximum allowable time for completion of the CTP is 3 years, after which your enrollment in the CTP will expire. 


Cost and Payment Terms: Consultant Training Program Full Access

Mentor Time Included


56 hours of mentor time, spread over the duration of your CTP. 

Note: this will include all time spent by your mentor on: reviewing your reports and any questions submitted; correspondence by email, telephone, virtual meetings, one-on-one microscopy training, etc.

CTP Supplies

You will need various items. Cost will vary depending on the scale of your project and the quality of the equipment you select. The minimum budget is approximately $1,000.

Land Requirement

You will need to locate a small piece of land on which to complete your work. If you do not own any land you may use land owned by others, but the land, and your use of it, must comply with the School’s Land Usage Policy.

CLP Supplies:

You will need a compound microscope, a microscope camera and some ancillary lab equipment such as pipettes and beakers to complete this program. The cost of the microscope and camera will vary depending on the equipment you select. Budget: USD$320 minimum for microscope and camera, and a further $50 for the lab equipment.


USD $3,000 plus supplies



Cancellation: You may cancel enrollment by giving written notice to Soil Food Web School. Unless the school has discontinued the program, you are financially obligated to the school. Our refund policy is as follows:




During the first 7 days from registration.

A full refund.

During the first 12 months period following registration.

A pro-rata refund based on the number of months that have lapsed since the date of registration, and the expected period of the CTP, which is 2 years.

After the first 12 month period has lapsed.

No refund is available.


The School reserves the right to terminate a student’s participation for unsatisfactory progress, nonpayment of tuition, or failure to abide by established standards as defined in the School’s Code of Conduct. The school does not guarantee job placement to graduates upon program completion or upon graduation.

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