The BioComplete Mastermind Program

Launching Winter 2018


Each BioComplete Mastermind Group is focused on specific crops and is designed to help you increase yields and reduce costs.


The unique 12-week program will introduce the basics of BioComplete Agriculture and how to apply Dr Elaine’s Soil Foodweb Approach in your setting.


Dr Elaine Ingham has been helping growers for decades to increase their yields (by over 300% in some cases) whilst simultaneously reducing their costs by around 50%. Her system has been implemented on over 5 Million acres worldwide.

Check Out The Programs

Group Coaching with Dr. Elaine Ingham

In the small Mastermind classes (max. 10 people) students will be coached by Dr. Ingham during online interactive webinars, with other growers facing similar challenges such as poor fertility, reliance on chemical inputs and disease/weed pressures. This unique peer learning environment offers the opportunity to exchange experiences and results with other members of the group.

The Path to Success

Bring your soil back to life and watch your yields increase dramatically whilst your input costs are significantly reduced. Dr Elaine’s Soil Foodweb Approach has been used in a plethora of  settings to successfully regenerate soils and, in many cases, to salvage businesses close to financial ruin.

Learning Outcomes

You will  be guided through a step-by-step process that will cover: the underlying scientific principles of the Soil Food Web; how to produce BioComplete™ Amendments; Application Methods; Disease and Pest Management and much more.

How Can the Soil Foodweb Benefit You?

  • Dramatic Increases in Yields
  • Decreased Input Costs for: Fertilizers, Pesticides & Herbicides
  • Increased Nutritional Content
  • Decreased water input requirement
  • Decreased Pest & Disease Problems
  • Decreased Weed Pressure - the right Biology actually inhibits weed growth!

Why Take the Mastermind Course?

  • You’ll get valuable direct contact time with Dr Elaine Ingham at a fraction of the regular cost of a full consultation.
  • Learn in a group environment with growers who are working with the same challenges that you are facing.
  • Tailored course designed specifically for your needs!
  • Course Discounts - by enrolling on the Mastermind you automatically get a 40% discount (worth $2,200) on the Soil Food Web Foundation Classes.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - If you're not completely satisfied you'll be able to get a refund at any time during the first 4-weeks of the course (please see the Terms & Conditions for more information).

The Mastermind Course Will Take You Through The Following Steps:

  • Understanding how Biology and plants work together in a symbiotic relationship.
  • Assessing the current condition of your soil from a Biological perspective.
  • Learning about the specific balance of Biology that is required for your plants to flourish.
  • Sourcing the different Biological Groups that make-up the Soil Food Web and how to multiply, nurture and protect them.
  • How to make and apply BioComplete™ Soil Amendments and BioComplete™ Foliar Amendments
  • Assessing your Pest & Disease problems and ways to tackle them using Biology.
  • Learning how to get your Biology analysed and how to ensure its longevity.

Mastermind Program #1

The Market Garden and Small Farm Mastermind

Launching Summer 2019.

 The Market Garden and Small Farm Mastermind is for farmers and producers on a small scale who are dedicated to raising their yields, eliminating outputs, and lowering costs with compost.

Learn step by step with Elaine Ingham and other growers who are facing and overcoming the challenges you are.  

Learn how to source and make incredible BioComplete Compost so you can have a bumper crop every year.

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