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Microscope Workshop: January 21-25, near Nevada City, California, U.S.A

Learn Microscopy and more with Dr. Ingham in this rewarding 5-day residential learning experience.

The 5-day Microscope Workshop January 2019

We are really excited to inform you about Dr Elaine Ingham’s upcoming Microscope Workshop!! The 5-day microscope workshop is specifically designed for students who have completed the 3 Online Classes and for those on the Consultant Training Program who wish to develop their microscopy and associated skills.

From January 21-25, 2019, you’ll be able to join Dr Ingham and her team of Soil Foodweb Consultants for this rewarding 5-day residential learning experience in a stunning natural setting in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains (see below for more information). The site features 230 acres of meadows, woods, streams and ponds, and there is an onsite Market Garden and large-scale Composting Facility featuring Extraction and Brewing equipment.


  • Microscopy techniques – this is an opportunity to develop your skills using the compound microscope. You will spend several hours each day working in a small group with Dr Ingham on: Sample Preparation, Counting Techniques and using the Spreadsheet etc... We will be assessing a diversity of sample types including: Compost, Soils, Extracts, Teas, Protozoan Infusions and Nematode Extracts! Note: You will need to bring your own microscope to this event!
  • Morphology – Correctly identifying microorganisms can be very challenging. A substantial amount of time will be spent, during the 5-day workshop, on helping students to familiarize themselves with techniques for making identification easier. You will be provided with quick-reference charts that will make this process much easier and you will get to learn directly from Dr Ingham and her team.
    Microscopy Theory – Dr Ingham will review the material from the Online Microscope Class with the group and there will be an opportunity for extensive Q&A.
  • Tour of the onsite Composting Facilities & Market Garden – Woolmans features an impressive 1-acre market garden that is currently being transitioned to the Soil Foodweb Approach. You’ll be able to assess the compost, extracts & teas being produced here, and the soil being treated, together with Dr Ingham. This is a great opportunity to see the Soil Food Web in action!
  • Extraction & Brewing Processes – You will get to see how this is being done on a large scale at the Woolmans site. Samples will be taken and assessed from the various stages in the process.
    Nematode Extractions – You will learn how to make a Baermann Funnel and how this is used to successfully extract nematodes from a soil or compost sample.
  • Review Chemical Analyses and Biological Assessments – We will spend time analyzing data from various reports and learning how we can use this information to help detect possible issues with the soil.

About the Location:
Woolmans at Sierra Friends Center is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in northern California, a 90-minute drive from Sacramento or Reno and a 15-minute drive from the historic towns of Grass Valley and Nevada City. The campus offers 230 acres of meadows, woods, streams and ponds for guests to enjoy. Check out our website to view a campus map and our trail map!

Small simple wood-heated cabins are available to rent. They are situated on the edge of central campus, footsteps away from trails that wind through our 230 acres of woods and meadows. Similar to cabins you might find in Yosemite or California State Parks, our cabins are rustic and cozy. Each cabin has two twin sized beds, sheets are available for an extra charge. The cost of each cabin is $55.00/night this includes use of the bathhouse, there is a $20 nonrefundable cleaning fee per A-frame. Rentals can be
arranged through Woolmans at .Alternatively you may wish to camp!

Participation on the 5-day workshop costs $1,500 plus accommodation and food etc..

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