Online Courses and Training

The Soil Foodweb Institute is creating a new branch called "The School of Soil Ecology" Over the next few months we'll be rolling out new online classes, consultant trainings, and mastermind programs. You'll be able to level up your skills in Composting and Soil Biology and get results on a practical level learning with Dr. Ingham and other practitioners in the field.

Online Classes and Training

The most up to date lessons on restoring soil biology. The online classes will allow you to understand, assess, and actually use soil biology.  Make compost, compost tea, and extract treatments to restore your soil. The online training will allow advanced students to train to be Soil Foodweb Consultants.

Classes and Trainings


You'll be able to join us at our in person workshops across North America, Europe and Australia.  Learn how to understand Soil Biology, make incredible compost, and use a microscope.

Mastermind Groups

Join others who are growing the same crops as you on an incredible group coaching experience with Dr. Elaine Ingham.  Learn from others in the field as you increase your results and carry out your compost plan.

The Mastermind Program

Soil Foodweb Consultant Training Program

Open for Enrollment

The Soil Foodweb Consultant Training Program is designed to lead to a career as a Professional Soil Foodweb Consultant. You will be fully trained in all aspects of how to use the Soil Food Web to regenerate soils, and help farmers and growers to:

  • Increase Yields & Nutritional Content,

  • Save Water,

  • Sequester Carbon,

  • Save Money by reducing and/or eradicating the need for Chemical Inputs

 This is a challenging program that will lead to a rewarding career in a rapidly growing market. Qualified Consultants are in very high demand – We currently have a number of affiliates that are actively hiring in large numbers!!

Program Structure

Students in the CTP will take a number of Advanced Classes, designed to further their knowledge in the science and the application methods. They will need to pass three Key Stages:


Stage 1 The Biological Compost Practicum

This will involve producing Biologically Complete Compost.


Stage 2 The Compost Extract and Compost Tea Practicum

This stage involves producing Biologically Complete Liquid Amendments.


Stage 3  The Final Project

You will be required to use the Biologically Complete Amendments you have made, to transform a dead soil (or dirt) to a living soil complete with the entire Soil Food Web.


You will be assigned to a Mentor who is a fully qualified Soil Foodweb Consultant, who will guide you through all of these stages, monitoring your progress and assisting you to refine your technique along the way.

Note: To qualify for the Consultant Training Program you must first have completed the new Soil Foodweb Foundation Classes (or previous version) with a 90% average.


Cost: The price for the all-new CTP, including all of the Advanced Classes and 56 hours of Mentor Contact Time is $5,000 (when purchased in one payment).

Payment Plan: You may wish to pay in installments as follows:

Stage 1 - $2,000

Stage 2 - $2,000

Stage 3 - $2,000

You can Enroll in the Whole CTP Program or Enroll in Individual Steps Below

Enroll in the Consultant Training Program

You can enroll in any of the Consultant Training Program Steps, or the Whole Program Below.

Interested in Enrolling in the Soil Foodweb Consultant Training Program?

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The Soil Foodweb Online Classes

(Coming Soon)

The Soil Foodweb Online Classes combine over 40 years of practical research into soil biology into courses designed to guide you through the process of effectively being able to restore soil.  Learn how soil biology and the soil foodweb works, make biological assessments with a microscope, and create compost, compost teas, and extracts so you can restore your land on the scale you need.

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Dr. Ingham's Online Classes

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