The BioCompleteTM Cannabis Growers Mastermind Program

Registration Deadline: December 9, 2018


About the Mastermind Program


The BiocompleteTM Cannabis Growers Mastermind Program is for Cannabis Producers who want to learn how to improve the fertility of their soil and grow the most productive plants possible!


Whether you are growing Hemp, Recreational or Medical Marijuana, this course is for you. Using the Soil Foodweb Approach you will be able to increase yields and improve THC or CBD levels in your plants.



This unique 12-week program has been tailored to help producers in this growing sector to get the competitive edge. Using the right Biology for your plants will dramatically reduce your input costs, whilst simultaneously increasing your revenues and alleviating Pest, Disease and Weed pressures.   


Sound too good to be true? Dr. Elaine Ingham is the world's foremost Soil Biologist. She has pioneered the Soil Foodweb Approach over the last 30 years. Her system has been applied on over 5 Million acres worldwide and has helped farmers facing all kinds of conditions to increase their yields - in some cases by over 300% - whilst simultaneously reducing their input costs by over 50% !!



Over 12 weeks, you'll be coached directly by Dr. Elaine Ingham in the online interactive webinars. Between these weekly sessions you’ll be studying the science and using BioCompleteTM Soil Amendments on your own Test-Plot where you’ll be able to see and measure the results!!


Each group is small - limited to 10 Cannabis producers.This unique peer-learning environment offers the opportunity to exchange experiences, ideas and results with other members of the group.



Mastermind Outcomes

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of practical Soil Food Web science and how to apply it.
  • Develop a site-specific Biological plan to help you regenerate your soil, target Pests & Diseases and tackle Weed pressure.
  • Create a Test-Plot on your land that will enable you to see results first hand.
  • Learn where to source BioCompleteTM Soil Amendments and how to make BioCompleteTM Liquid Amendments that will improve the biology in your soil, and on your plant surfaces. You will also learn correct application methods. 
  • Produce a cost-analysis from your Test-Plot results that will help you to calculate the potential savings for your entire operation.
  • Learn how to work with Soil Foodweb Labs to verify how your soil is improving at key-stages.
  • Gain confidence in how to transition your soil biology from a degraded state to one that will yield maximum soil fertility without toxic chemicals.
  • Understand how to create the right biological conditions in your soil to increase CBD or THC.



Program Structure

The Mastermind Program is delivered via the following 4 elements:


  • Weekly online interactive webinars with Dr Ingham and the group.
  • A series of online lectures and handouts covering the Basic Scientific Principles of the Soil Food Web.
  • A step-by-step guide through the practical aspect of the course which comprises: Implementation of the Soil Foodweb Approach on your own small Test-Plot, the analysis of results and the development of a Biological Plan for your entire operation.
  • Weekly Action Assignments - Each assignment is designed to bring you closer to your goals of  growing the best plants possible.



Key Features

Here are some of the great features you'll benefit from on the Mastermind Program

  1. Small Groups (max 10 people) ensures that you get to work with Dr Ingham for 12 weeks, at a fraction of what that would normally cost.
  2. Course Discounts - by enrolling on the Mastermind you automatically get a 40% discount (worth $2,200) on the Soil Food Web Foundation Classes.
  3. A Tailored-made Program designed specifically for Cannabis growers.
  4. Peer-Learning Environment - in this unique experience you’ll be able to exchange ideas, experiences and results with your fellow Cannabis Producers.
  5. A private Group Forum where you can interact with the other members of the group and with Dr. Ingham who will be available to answer questions between weekly sessions.
  6. Cannabis Case Studies - These will be presented to the group by Soil Foodweb Consultants who have worked with other Cannabis Producers and achieved great results!
  7. Satisfaction Guaranteed - If you're not completely satisfied you'll be able to get a refund at any time during the first 4-weeks of the course (please see the Terms & Conditions for more information).
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Program Instructors

Who you'll learn from on the Mastermind Program.

Dr. Elaine Ingham

Dr. Ingham has 40 years of soil restoration experience. She has worked with thousands of clients on over 5 Million acres worldwide.    Dr Ingham has been helping Cannabis producers to maximize yields and reduce input costs for many years.  

Soil Foodweb Consultants

Other contributors will include Certified Soil Foodweb Consultants who have specialized in Cannabis production. They will be sharing their results and experiences when they present Case Studies to the group.

Raleigh Latham

Raleigh is here to assist you through the whole process of the Mastermind program. Send him your assignments and he'll help you with additional questions you might have.

Important Frequently Asked Questions

The Mastermind Program lasts 12 weeks, starting from the first meeting.

In order to participate fully in the practical element of the course, you will need to invest approx. $1,500 in equipment, materials and laboratory services.

At key stages in the Mastermind Program a Soil Foodweb Laboratory will test your amendments and soil. If your lab results indicate adequate biology is present, then you will see increases in yields and other beneficial outcomes. Optimal Results cannot be fully guaranteed unless you work closely with a Certified Soil Foodweb Consultant.

Taking this program in the winter will allow you to create BioComplete Soil Amendments that can be applied during the next growing season. Investing time now in your Test-Plot means that you will be prepared to implement the Soil Foodweb Approach on a larger scale in the next growing cycle.

Yes.  If you sign up for the Mastermind Program, and before the end of week 4 decide it's not for you, we'll refund the course cost (minus the deposit).

You will be able to ask questions in the Group Forum, which Dr. Ingham and other experienced personnel will answer. The Group Forum also allows you to talk to any other group members at any time.

You can also book sessions with Soil Foodweb Consultants during the Program - charges may apply.

Each Mastermind Program is limited to 10 people on a first come, first served basis.  If you  register for the Cannabis Program, and it's full, then you will join a waiting list for the next Program. Once the next Program is filled, we will schedule it and inform you of the start date. If this start date is not convenient for you then you will have the option to go back on the waiting list or to have a refund.

Yes! You can complete the program with as few at 10 pots in a greenhouse, or a few beds in an indoor garden. This is sufficient for you to understand the principles and develop the skills needed to operate on a much larger scale when spring arrives.

Yes, we offer a payment plan which you can pay two payments of $1400, which you can use here.


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