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We are happy to announce that we will soon be launching our brand new website. We'll be transferring all the educational programs there in the fall of 2019.

You can sign-up right here for the all new Soil Foodweb Foundation Courses - that's where you get to learn all about the theory behind the soil food web!

You can then move onto the Consultant Training Program - which is where you will be able to put all the theory into practice, guided by one of our expert mentors!


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Soil Foodweb Foundation Courses

The all new Soil Foodweb Foundation Courses are designed to introduce you to the world of microorganisms that were once in every living soil on planet earth. You will discover how nature has operated for millions of years!

Learn the science behind the Soil Foodweb and how to make and apply BioComplete Soil Amendments in this self-paced series of 4 courses.

With the Soil Foodweb in place, input costs are drastically reduced by over 50% whilst yields can be increased by 300% in many cases. This has been demonstrated on over 5 Million acres worldwide!

Soil Foodweb Foundation Courses

Consultant Training Program

 The Consultant Training Program (CTP) is a rewarding process designed for students who want to become  professional Soil Foodweb Consultants.

The 3 step program will empower you to: make BioComplete Amendments of the highest quality; Apply the amendments you make using the methods best suited to a particular set of conditions; and to accurately assess the results using the Compound Microscope and other instruments.

Certified Soil Foodweb Consultants are in very high demand!

Consultant Training Program

BioComplete Mastermind Programs

The BioComplete Mastermind Programs are designed for Growers and Farmers.

Each Program is tailored to a specific type of crop or scale/method of production (e.g. Market Gardening).

Over the course of 12-weeks, students learn the fundamentals of the Soil Food Web and work through a step-by-step implementation process, working on a small test-plot on their own land. This offers students the opportunity to see and measure  results first hand, before investing on a large scale.

The Mastermind Program


We hold a number of workshops throughout the year, in different parts of the world. These are designed to help students to develop their practical skills.

From microscopy to making and applying BioComplete Amendments, there is an array of practical skills that Soil Foodweb Consultants need in order to become effective soil restoration experts.  There's no better way to learn than to attend a workshop! 

We are developing workshops for each stage of the learning process - some of these will be tailored for Growers and Farmers. Please register to be kept informed of upcoming events in your area!


The Soil Foodweb Foundation Courses

The Foundation Courses are designed for beginners in the world of soil biology. The step-by-step program is designed for growers, farmers, and soil restoration enthusiasts alike.

You will learn all about the Soil Food Web - nature's army of microbes that work tirelessly to provide plants and trees  the nutrients they need in order to grow strong and healthy. Plants and trees form symbiotic relationships with these microbes, supplying them with the simple sugars produced during photosynthesis. This exchange is one of nature's most fascinating phenomena.

Learn how restoring the Soil Food Web results in super-nutritious fruits and vegetables, suppressed weeds and diseases, and substantial increases in yields and profits. All this with no chemical inputs and  reduced water requirements! The great byproduct of all this is accelerated Carbon Sequestration! 

Dr Elaine Ingham's Soil Foodweb Approach has been used on over 5 Million acres worldwide, and has repeatedly delivered increases in yields in excess of 300%, whilst simultaneously reducing input costs by over 50%!!! 

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Sign-up for the all new Foundation Courses today!

The new Foundation Courses are in the final stages of production.

FC1, FC2 & FC3 have already been released. FC4 will be out very soon! 

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Soil Foodweb Consultant Training Program

Open for Enrollment

The Soil Foodweb Consultant Training Program is designed to lead to a career as a Professional Soil Foodweb Consultant. You will be fully trained in all aspects of how to employ the Soil Food Web to regenerate soils, and help farmers and growers to:

  • Increase Yields & Nutritional Content

  • Save Water

  • Sequester Carbon

  • Eradicate the need for Chemical Inputs

 This is a challenging program that will lead to a rewarding career in a rapidly growing market. Qualified Consultants are in very high demand – We currently have a number of affiliates that are actively hiring in large numbers!!

Program Structure

Students in the CTP will take a number of Advanced Classes, designed to further their knowledge in the science and  application methods. They will need to pass three Key Stages:


Stage 1 The BioCompleteTM Compost  Practicum

This will involve refining all the skills required to produce and assess BioCompleteTM Compost. This will include one-on-one online microscopy training, with a mentor.


Stage 2 The  BioCompleteTM  Liquids Practicum

This stage involves the producion of BioCompleteTM Liquid Amendments (Extracts & Teas).


Stage 3  The Final Project

You will be required to use the BioCompleteTM Amendments you have produced, to transform a dead soil (or dirt) to a living soil complete with the entire Soil Food Web.


You will be assigned to a Mentor who is a fully qualified Soil Foodweb Consultant. They will guide you through all of these stages, monitoring your progress and assisting you to refine your technique along the way.

During the course of the CTP you will be required to develop your microscopy skills to a very high standard. Your mentor will support you in this process.


Note: To qualify for the Consultant Training Program you must first have completed the new Soil Foodweb Foundation Courses with a 90% average.


Cost: The price for the all-new CTP, including all of the Advanced Classes and 56 hours of Mentor Time is $3,000 (when purchased in one payment).

Payment Plan: You may wish to pay in installments as follows:

Stage 1 - $1,300

Stage 2 - $500

Stage 3 - $1,500

You can Enroll in the Whole CTP Program or Enroll in Individual Steps Below

Enroll in the Consultant Training Program

You can purchase the entire Consultant Training Program at a discount, or pay-as-you-go!

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