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About the Foundation Courses

The all-new Foundation Courses are designed to introduce Growers and Biologists focused on  growing plants without toxic chemicals as well as people who are passionate about Soil Carbon Sequestration, to the Soil Food Web.

Do you want to understand how nature really works? Learn how plants exchange nutrients with the world of microorganisms that populate healthy living soils. And how nature has been growing plants and trees successfully without any chemicals or artificial fertilizers for millions of years!

With the Soil Food Web in place, plants are continually given access to the abundance of nutrients that are in the mineral particles of the soil itself. Learn how plants feed and breed an army of microorganisms in the root-zone, and how these microbes harvest nutrients from soil and rock particles, as well as from organic matter, thus providing the plant with any nutrients it requires - on demand!

There is no better way to grow plants than the way which nature herself has devised. Plants and Trees are in full control of the army of microbes that they command which nourish and protect plants from diseases and pest organisms. Restoring the Soil Food Web is the essence of all soil restoration practices and is the foundation of Soil Carbon Sequestration.

Plants absorb carbon from the atmosphere during photosynthesis and they invest a substantial proportion of this into the soil, to the feed microorganisms. This is the basis of the mechanism that pumps carbon into the world's soils. It has been estimated that by regenerating the world's soils using the Soil Food Web, we can reverse Climate Change within 5 years!

In these courses you will learn the underpinning science of the Soil Food Web, delivered in an easy to understand series of classes, specially designed for those with no scientific background. You will learn how to increase productivity by over 300% (in some cases) whilst simultaneously reducing costs and water usage by over 50%. You will also learn about how the Soil Food Web can be introduced to all soil types and settings in any climate on planet earth.

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Course #1 Introduction to the Soil Food Web

In This Course You'll Learn


  • About the various groups of microorganisms that make up a fully-functional soil ecosystem, and how their interactions result in a constant flow of nutrients being made available to plants and trees.
  • How plants and trees control the army of microorganisms in their root zones. Plants feed specific groups of microorganisms in order to harvest the particular nutrients required at any given moment. This results in vibrant, healthy plants and in super-nutritious fruits and vegetables.  
  • That there is an abundance of nutrients locked-away in the crystalline structure of the mineral particles that make-up all of the wold's soils - from the desert sands to prairies and forests, there is no soil on earth that is incapable of providing all the nutrients that plants require. The missing-link is the army of soil microorganisms that can access these nutrients and make them available to plants. The absence of the Soil Food Web is the primary cause of diminishing soil fertility, increased soil erosion and much more...
  • How beneficial soil microorganisms prevent diseases and pests from attacking plants. By occupying infection sites all over the roots and all of the above-ground parts of the plant, beneficial microorganisms make it impossible for the 'bad-guys' to get access to the plant. In addition to this, beneficial microorganisms create aerobic conditions in which the 'bad-guys' (which are mostly anaerobes) cannot survive.
  • That beneficial microorganisms build structure in the soil, thus preventing soil erosion whilst simultaneously improving water holding capacity, infiltration and oxygenation. Having structure in the soil enables roots to go much deeper into the ground, where they can access greater quantities of water and nutrients.
  • About the way in which the presence of beneficial fungi results in diminished weed pressure. Have you ever noticed how there are very few weed to be found in a forest? This is because a healthy forest soil comprises 75% fungi by weight.  
  • How introducing the Soil Food Web can drastically increase the ability of a soil to capture and store carbon from the atmosphere. Soil Carbon Sequestration is now widely recognized as the key factor in Climate Change reversal. It has been estimated that by regenerating the world's soils, we could take atmospheric carbon levels back to pre-industrial levels within 5 years!
  • The history of agriculture and how certain practices have resulted in the destruction of the Soil Food Web in so many of the world's soils.
  • Basic plant physiology and biochemistry. The course covers the basics that are required in order for you to be able to fully understand the processes that are taking place in a living, functional soil. You do not require a scientific background, but basic chemistry would be an advantage.
  • About how the Soil Food Web has been reintroduced to over 5 Million acres worldwide. You will review a number of case-studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the Soil Food Web and how it can be implemented on projects of any scale, any crop and in any climate.

Course #2 BioComplete Soil Amendments


This course is focused on the production of solid-form BioComplete Soil Amendments. You will learn about the various stages involved in this process, from understanding and sourcing the specific materials required, to preparing these and using them in a series of closely-controlled stages that, will result in the presence of all the groups of microorganisms that make up the Soil Food Web.

There are a variety of application methods that can be used to reintroduce the Soil Food Web to the soil using BioComplete Soil Amendments. You will learn about all of these and how to select the most appropriate course of action based on a number of factors.


Course #3

Liquid BioComplete Amendments


In order to effectively introduce the Soil Food Web to the above ground part of the plant, Liquid BioComplete Amendments must be sprayed directly onto the foliage, stems, trunks and other areas.

This course covers the process by which Liquid BioComplete Amendments are produced, balanced and applied.


Course #4 



Shadowing microscopy was used by Dr Ingham and a team of biologists to discover and catalog all the different groups of microorganisms that comprise the Soil Food Web and to identify their roles and functions, over a 7 year period from 1978 to 1985. These discoveries have revolutionized our understanding of the soil.

In this course, you will learn how to use the compound microscope and shadowing techniques to identify and quantify the various, key groups of microorganisms in the Soil Food Web.

Mastering the microscope will empower you to assess your soils and the BioComplete Amendments that you are producing.

This course is not essential if you wish to employ the services of a Soil Foodweb Consultant, as they will be able to provide this service to you. This course is a prerequisite for those wishing to become Professional Soil Food Web Consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes the Foundation Courses are 100% online, theory based courses. You will watch a series of lectures and take a short quiz after each one.

Yes they are. You will need to commit around 100 hours in order to complete the 4 courses. You will be given access for 12 months - this is because we recognise that absorbing this much material requires a consistent and sustained effort. Time extensions after 12 months are considered on an individual basis.

You can start as soon as you sign up.

They have already been launched!

The regular price is $5,000 for the 4 courses.

Students typically require about 100 hours in order to complete the FC at a reasonable pace. We would advise you to take your time and make notes that you can refer back to later.  Students typically require about 100 hours in order to complete the FC at a reasonable pace. We would strongly advise you to take your time and to make detailed notes that you can refer back to later. You will be able to download the slides from all the lectures and also the Course Manual which provides a great deal of supplemental information and an extensive glossary. You’ll be able to watch the lectures repeatedly for 12 months. You’ll be able to watch the lectures repeatedly."You’ll be able to watch the lectures repeatedly.

The courses are designed for people with no background in the field. Basic chemistry and/or biology is an advantage.

Students wishing to pursue a career as a Soil Foodweb Consultant will need to progress from the FC to the Consultant Training Program. Qualified consultants are currently in very high demand.

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